Gifted Children: Private or Public School?

A certain amount of testing must be completed before a child is labeled as gifted in one or more areas. Some children are gifted in multiple areas, such as english, math, or science. Others are highly gifted in one specific area, such as music acquisition. Once it has been determined that a child is gifted, the parents must decide on the best option for school. UK schools cater to students from a variety of backgrounds and ability levels. However, some of these schools are private, while others are public. Public schools are free, while private schools cost money. There are advantages and disadvantages to both when it comes to the proper placement of a gifted child.

Public schools serve an important purpose. They can accommodate a much larger population of students than private schools. Since they are free, families do not have to suffer from the burden of making school payments. There are some parents, however, that believe public school education is not on par with private school education. Part of this is true, as class sizes are generally larger. However, a public school does allow a gifted learner to gain valuable experience within social circles. There are academically gifted programs in public schools as well.

Private schools are the preferred choice of parents who have gifted children. The number one reason for this is smaller class sizes. Smaller classes allow teachers to provide more one-on-one instruction to students. It also allows them to conduct complex activities during daily lesson plans. Grouping of gifted children becomes an easier task when there are less students to divide as well. The main drawback is that most private schools do cost a significant amount of money. Tuition becomes difficult for families who do not earn a lot of money.

Regardless of the type of school chosen for the gifted child, it is important to ensure that the school has a rigorous curriculum within science, math, and english. All of these subjects are critical to growth. Furthermore, they allow for project-based learning opportunities. Science classes should allow students to create lab experiments in groups. This teaches them the way to handle materials safely, and how to work together with others toward a common goal. Similarly, students need to be challenged by their ability levels, and not by their age. Some primary school students are so gifted that they are capable of completing tasks normally reserved for children in upper grades.

Try to find a school which features special programs. If the child is especially gifted in playing music, then find a school that places plenty of focus on this area. Other schools focus on science and math, and they prepare students to use their knowledge in the real world. The best schools are the ones that are willing to work with you and your gifted child in order to achieve quality results. Gifted children must be challenged in multiple ways. Find the right school, and your child will excel exponentially.