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                      Exceptional Children's Week: March 10-14 2014

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5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Exceptional Children's Week The CEC initiated Exceptional Children's Week as a means to educate the public about children with exceptionalities and garner support for Special Education. Since its inception, this week has served to spotlight the capabilities of children and youth with exceptionalities and the programs that support them in their communities. If your school or community needs help with coming up with activities to promote Exceptional Children's Week, I recommend the following: 1. Present awards to teachers, parents and local community individuals, such as outstanding educator, outstanding employer of persons with disabilities, or parent of the year. This is a good way to recognize outstanding contributions to students with exceptionalities. 2. Profile historical or famous people with disabilities. Each morning, principals or student leaders can read the profile of successful people with disabilities such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Whoopie Goldberg, Walt Disney, Stevie Wonder, etc. 3. Sponsor a Movie Night. Everyone likes a good movie and there are several films about people with disabilities who triumphed in life. To name a few, "Temple Grandin" is the story of one woman with autism who succeeds against the odds, or "The King's Speech" which is about King George VI who overcame a severe stammer with the help of a supportive speech therapist. 4. Invite local college students and professionals who have disabilities to speak to students. What a positive way to show all students that even with a disability, one can still be successful and lead a successful life. 5. Encourage all students to read books about individuals with exceptionalities in their classes. This is a great way to encourage reading and expose other students to people who may be different or like themselves. No matter what you do, do something. Make sure you celebrate Exceptional Children's Week and help spread the word about Special Education and children and youth with disabilities. Cindy Lumpkin

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What is Exceptional Children’s Week?

CEC initiated Exceptional Children’s Week (ECW) as a means to educate the public about children with disabilities and garner support for them and special education.  Since its inception, many CEC units have taken advantage of ECW to awaken an understanding of the needs and capabilities of exceptional children and the programs that support them in their communities and states or provinces.  ECW results in far-reaching benefits to students with exceptionalities.  In addition to increased public awareness, ECW gives community members an opportunity to become directly involved in the advancement of individuals with disabilities.  Professionals, parents, students, politicians, and the general public find themselves working together to enhance understanding and acceptance of individuals with exceptionalities.

Today, more than ever, America needs public support for special education and children and youth with exceptionalities.  Through legislation and new developments, special education has made great strides and educators have the tools they need to teach these students effectively.  As a result, the door is open for students with exceptionalities to achieve academic and life-long success.  We must not let these efforts falter through lack of support or resources.

By investing in the education of students with disabilities, they learn the skills they need to become independent, self-sufficient citizens—and often give back to their country not only their skills as employees but as integral parts of their communities.

ECW provides a golden opportunity to spread the word about special education, our successes, and the accomplishments of children with exceptionalities.

Exceptional Children’s Week

2013-2014 Art Contest Winners




William Smith

Harris County High School

Harris County School System

Teacher:  Sandra Palmer



Ja'Kobi Higgs-Jackson

David A. Perdue Elementary School

Houston County School System

Teachers:  Melissa Wiggins & Karen Daniels



Elijah Ussery

OLA Elementary School

Henry County School System

Teacher:  Ms. Dawn Mathis



Nathan Daugherty

New Mountain Hill Elementary School

Harris County School System (Fortson, GA)

Teacher:  Mrs. Gina Snyder



Blake Brown

Fayette County High School

Fayette County School System

Teacher:  Mrs. Lori Thomas